Afternoon Sufficed

“I love so / I solve.”

by A.E. Stallings
70 pp. TriQuarterly Books / Northwestern. $16.95

The preparation for Greek Orthodox lent is a long celebration mixing faith and food, and one night’s feast is known as Tsiknopempti, or Smoke Thursday. “The cooked meat fills the air with smoke that rises to the gods,” an American poet living in Athens explained to me over coffee. Continue reading ““I love so / I solve.””


Pass / Fail Pulitzer

You may be hearing this for the first time: no winner for the Pulitzer Prize in Fiction this year.

Continue reading “Pass / Fail Pulitzer”

Once in the West

Once in the West
By Christian Wiman
128 pp. Farrar, Straus and Giroux. $28.00.

There are no cowboys or honky tonk singers in Christian Wiman’s new collection of poems, Once in the West. Instead, in a harrowing reflection on faith, death, and the way life hastens into the western horizon, our long-gone noons behind us, Wiman Continue reading “Once in the West”

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