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Stopping by Truckee

You need to be from a place for quite awhile before you gesture out the window and say something like, “Well, the western winds are up.” Continue reading “Stopping by Truckee”


Even and Odd: 25 Years of Travel Stories

Note from Me: I planned to publish these stories last November, when I was actually turning 25. Continue reading “Even and Odd: 25 Years of Travel Stories”

Golden Hour at Shelter Rock

Continue reading “Golden Hour at Shelter Rock”

Literary Travelogue: Big Sur

Ever since I moved out to San Francisco in November 2014, I’ve been trying to get down to Big Sur. Continue reading “Literary Travelogue: Big Sur”

Surfing in Tahiti. Kind of.

I’m a traveler who, one could say, is building out his portfolio. I’ve been to eighteen countries and three continents and I love to study foreign languages. When friends tell me about their travels I respond like Liz Lemon — I want to go to there. Continue reading “Surfing in Tahiti. Kind of.”

People Who Live to Travel Read Afar

The reason many of us seek out vacation rentals rather than hotels is our hunger for unique experiences. Continue reading “People Who Live to Travel Read Afar”

Dead Languages and Ghost Towns

The drive into Philipsburg in Montana truly begins when the highway brings you over a mass of land and you see a gray-green hill eerie in the northwest horizon at noon and you get the feeling you might believe in ghosts. The hill is unadorned by anything but a little snow. Philipsburg is nestled in next to the boots of another mountain. Continue reading “Dead Languages and Ghost Towns”

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