While waking up I started to get news headlines on my phone about the protests in Berkeley in response to Milo Yiannopoulos’ visit.

Every so often I get the feeling that I would benefit from speaking to a shrink. I either go see one or I don’t. More often, I don’t.

Driving to work I was listening to Buddy Holly and couldn’t keep from laughing each time he said “Whoopsie Daisy”. He kept saying it because I put the song on repeat all the way to work.

While at work I was in a group message texting back and forth about the protests in Berkeley. One of my friends mentioned that she’s been feeling upset these last few weeks with everything she’s hearing in the news. She included a picture of her cat to the thread. She said she was looking at its picture often, as a reminder that it was cute.

I have my own list of “cat pictures” that help me do a little more with my emotions. The list of completely ordinary things that stay good.

  1. Buddy Holly’s hiccup sound he makes when singing.
  2. My friend’s cat, Lola.
  3. Sharing things on Instagram with my sister.
  4. Calling my parents.
  5. Telling stories about what happened at work.
  6. Hearing about your day.
  7. Winning a game of billiards.
  8. Finishing a book faster than I expected to read it.
  9. A dog that carries around its toy.
  10. A particular phrase of instrumental music that reminds me of a word.
  11. Having a huge appetite.